With initiatives and offers for project development, cooperation and networking between different institutions, associations, companies and individuals, ENEA e.V. bundles individual initiatives and creates synergies.



„UNESCO - World Heritage  Serra de  Tramuntana“



Preservation of the historical natural and cultural landscape


A project of the 

BUND regional association of Lower Saxony 

in cooperation with 

Amics de la Terra Mallorca and ENEA.

What is ENEA?

ENEA is the "European Nature and Environment Academy" founded in 2005 .

ENEA e.V. promotes environmental and nature conservation and, in particular, the implementation of the principle of sustainability through European and transnational projects, actions and educational offers.

ENEA e.V. supports and complements the work of

„Burg Lenzen - Europäisches Zentrum für Auenökologie, Umweltbildung und Besucherinformation“

in Lenzen as well as the work of

BUND Landesverband Niedersachsen e.V.

in Hannover. 

What does ENEA want?

ENEA e.V. wants to promote and support the implementation of the principle of sustainability at all social and economic levels.

ENEA e.V. wants to mobilize social forces, persons and organizations from business, science and administration for this task. Private and public funding will be committed to the realization of environment and nature conservation and sustainability initiatives.


What does ENEA do?

The focus of the work of ENEA e.V. is on the development and implementation of European and transnational projects - currently with project partners in Tunisia.

Over the past few years, there have been cooperations with project partners in Lithuania and Bulgaria.

ENEA e.V. brings in the projects experience and expertise from nature and environmental protection, sustainability and environmental policy.

In addition to the project work ENEA e.V. stands for

  • National and international networking
  • Promotion of environmental and nature conservation initiatives 
  • Development of ecologically oriented management competencies and consulting of organizations
  • Conception and support of training and further education in organisations and networks